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Our team is your team.

We bring a rare mix of legal and entrepreneurial DNA. Backed by the power of McCarthy Tétrault, we’re in it to win it with you.

“MT❯Ventures helps startups seize opportunities, navigate challenges and grow into highly successful businesses.”

Aliya Ramji  -  Partner

“Launching a startup is becoming somewhat easier and less expensive. but succeeding requires even more guidance and judgement in order to navigate the complexity of the ecosystem”

George Takach  -  Former Partner 

“MT❯Ventures offers something new and different, providing start-ups with access to the bench strength and connections of the firm as a whole, from a platform built just for them”

Ana Badour  -  Former Partner

“An entrepreneur needs courage, conviction and confidence and success will follow.”

Paul Zed  -  Strategic Advisor

“It’s exciting and rewarding to work with entrepreneurs who are following their dreams and creating something for the greater good”

David Frost  -  Partner