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The New Normal: A Roadmap for Business Leaders in a COVID-Continued World

As we approach the anniversary of Canada’s pandemic declaration, the lockdown and quarantine measures designed to stem the virus’ spread have assumed an air of permanence that herald long-term shifts in how we live and work.

This latest edition in our COVID-19 whitepaper series highlights the trends, risks and key considerations for Canadian businesses operating in the New Normal. It’s more than new technologies. Litigation risk, changes in consumer habits, privacy rights; these and other areas are discussed with a view to providing business leaders with insights into the opportunities they need for their organizations to thrive in the months and years ahead.

Business as Unusual: New Realities, New Possibilities- A Roadmap for Business Leaders

The novel coronavirus began as a public health crisis but has quickly become an unprecedented socio-economic crisis, affecting our way of life and business across all industries and all sectors of the economy.

Looking ahead, we expect the economic impact of the COVID-19 emergency to unfold in three distinct phases, each of which will present distinct challenges and potential opportunities. In this paper we highlight key issues in this new economic landscape and provide valuable insights and considerations to guide you through the complexities, new realities and new possibilities of succeeding at doing business as unusual.