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Luxury & Fashion 2021 guide (Canada) – Lexology

Canada has a vibrant luxury market and continues to attract luxury goods manufacturers, retailers and distributors, despite the numerous challenges arising from the COVID-19 pandemic and the related government orders and restrictions. The pandemic has also fuelled the acceleration of e-commerce and brands selling direct to consumer, which has carved a path for new entrants into the luxury market.

In the Canada chapter of Lexology’s Getting the Deal Through: Luxury & Fashion 2021 guide, our leading Retail & Consumer Markets industry experts provide a detailed overview of the state of the luxury and fashion market in Canada, including in-depth analysis on the regulatory framework governing the sector and key considerations. Topics covered include the following:

  • Overview of the luxury fashion market in Canada
  • Legal framework governing the development, manufacture and supply chain for fashion goods
  • Key considerations with respect to e-commerce, digital commerce and social media
  • Intellectual property, data privacy and security considerations
  • Regulatory framework governing advertising and marketing in Canada
  • Product regulation and consumer protection, including product safety rules and standards and product liability
  • M&A and competition issues, including joint ventures
  • Employment and labour considerations including employment standards, labour relations and contractual arrangements
  • Current trends and future prospects for the luxury fashion industry in Canada

The guide was edited by Hogan Lovells. If you subscribe to Lexology, you can read the full guide here. Or, you can access the Canada chapter for free and let our experts guide you through your strategic and critical considerations:

Luxury & Fashion 2021 guide (Canada) – Lexology

Luxury & Fashion 2021 guide (Canada) – Lexology

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