Controlled Export Webinar Series - Session 1


12 juillet 2018

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Session 1 - Addressing Emerging Compliance Challenges with Export and Technology Transfer Controls 


July 12, 2018


1:00 - 2:30 p.m. EST


Any organization that transfer goods or technology across borders is subject to trade control requirements that cut across all industries and sectors of the economy – from natural resources to financial services to information technology. This session will provide an overview of the export control regime and then focus on key areas of compliance challenges, including cloud computing, data transfers, cybersecurity and encryption controls, US-origin goods and technology, R&D collaboration, and potential conflicts with US export controls and Canadian employment and human rights laws. It will also highlight important changes coming down the pipe, including Bill C-47 and the introduction of new and far-reaching brokering controls.

To register for this webinar session, please visit I.E. Canada's website.

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