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Katelyn J.

Étudiant d'été | À l'université



Faculté de droit

Université d'Ottawa

Disponible en anglais seulement

Katelyn is a JD student at the University of Ottawa Faculty of Law. Before making the switch to law, she obtained a Bachelor of Applied Science in Chemical Engineering from Queen’s University. During her time at Queen’s, Katelyn mentored first-year engineering students and volunteered to organize and run a national conference. After completing her undergraduate degree, Katelyn worked as a Project Engineer for an engineering consulting firm in Calgary where she acquired professional experience in the energy sector. 

While at law school, Katelyn participated in the First-Year Law and Technology Research Program as a research fellow with a focus on Canadian artificial intelligence policy. Throughout her first-year summer and second year of law school, Katelyn worked as a legal intern for a startup law firm in Montreal where she gained exposure to various areas of law, such as cryptocurrency, blockchain, and emerging tech. She hopes to continue combining her technical background with her law degree, working in the areas of real property, intellectual property, and technology law. 

Katelyn enjoys spending her free time outdoors doing activities such as skiing, hiking, mountain biking, and exploring new places.