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ESG and Sustainability

The global economy is changing. Accelerate sustainable growth with a legal team focused on action and innovation.

Society requires more from companies than ever before, and the pace of change is only accelerating: the rush for net zero is driving unprecedented investment in new technologies and industries that are reshaping economies. To meet this change, corporate purpose and values must align at the shareholder, employee, customer and community levels, and companies are recognizing the significant impact that ESG has on their competitive position, bottom line and longevity. The time to act is now.

Our firm’s multidisciplinary ESG and Sustainability Group is uniquely equipped to give you the full suite of advice and support to integrate ESG thinking into your organizational DNA. We have a robust understanding of the business, industry, and market factors driving change, and our holistic, enterprise-wide approach covers a wide range of areas – from board governance to human rights to climate change risk – giving you innovative solutions to meet your business priorities.

Passion and focus for the biggest challenges

With decades of experience advising Canada’s most well-known organizations, deep industry knowledge, and a passion for innovation, our ESG and Sustainability Group is your best business partner for doing sustainable business now and into the future.

  • Multidisciplinary expertise: Our group is a coalition of dedicated legal professionals from across practices that combines the talent of some of Canada’s most respected lawyers and business professionals. We provide you with unique insights into your business and sector so you can act with confidence that all issues have been considered and truly innovative strategies are being applied.
  • Industry experts: To help clients address the emerging challenges in their sector, our lawyers are focused on identifying the industries and strategic issues of tomorrow. Our deep knowledge of our clients’ industries and those that drive the Canadian and global economies allow us to provide the most relevant, strategic, and timely advice. From Energy & Resources to Infrastructure, Private Equity, Capital Markets, Retail & Consumer Markets, Financial Services and more, we are your trusted legal advisor and business partner.
  • International support: ESG and sustainability are global phenomena and capitalizing on developments requires a presence in the world’s business capitals. With offices in New York, London, and Canada’s financial and political hubs, we keep you in the loop for the major – and minor – developments that let you move at the pace of change and secure your competitive advantage.

Comprehensive support for your business

More and more organizations are incorporating ESG and sustainability into their governance and operations. We offer integrated expertise in the following areas to help you seize opportunities while mitigating risk.

Carbon Markets

Emissions and offsets trading is an increasingly fundamental activity for companies adjusting to a net-zero world, but market obstacles and uncertainty persist. We help you leverage value in carbon markets, managing your risk and exposure in this evolving area. Our environmental lawyers and carbon markets experts advise on regulatory compliance, the value and risk of different carbon financial instruments, disclosures, emission offset project development, GHG inventories and reporting, and stakeholder relations.

Sustainable Finance and Investing

The transition to net zero and other ESG priorities is already happening, with trillions of dollars invested in green capital and much more on the way. Prudent investors and companies that move now have countless opportunities to access new capital or invest in sustainable projects around the world. With a focus on turning ESG commitments into action, our team amplifies your green investments, unlocking new opportunities that help you elevate sustainability as a core driver of financial value.

Sustainability and Climate Change Strategy

Organizations that fail to account for ESG factors when executing their strategies risk withdrawal of capital, customers and talent. Likewise, organizations that embrace sustainability and adopt climate-conscious decision-making position themselves for long-term success. We help you map the legal and regulatory outline of your ESG strategies so you can act to maximize innovation and positive results while managing risk and securing competitive advantage.

Greenwashing Risk Mitigation and Dispute Resolution

At this turning point for mandatory standards for sustainability and climate-related disclosures, companies are increasingly required to back up their ESG and sustainability statements and commitments. Pivoting now to embrace sustainable processes and meaningful reporting puts companies ahead of the competition and avoids potentially costly litigation and stakeholder activism. Whether you’re marketing your company’s sustainability practices, impacts or commitments; selling its climate-conscious products; aspiring to truly sustainable supply chains; or investing in green finance, our ESG and Sustainability Group helps you avoid greenwashing risks and align your corporate vision with global stakeholder demands for sustainable products, services and corporate actions.

Energy Transition

The shift to clean energy is underway, but how quickly we can achieve net zero and avoid the worst effects of climate change is uncertain. A robust and ambitious combination of technological innovation, international cooperation and private investment is needed for a just and sustainable transition. We take the long view when it comes to supporting businesses and investors in the energy transition and emerging energy sectors, leveraging trends to your advantage and acting early to capitalize on growth across sectors. Whether you’re an energy incumbent or disruptor, we’re here to drive as much value and sustainable change as possible in the push for a sustainable energy future.

Responsible Enterprise

Embedding ESG factors into your strategy and business practices isn’t just good corporate citizenship. It’s good business. With the Canadian Ombudsperson for Responsible Enterprise also chasing laggards and policing human rights abuses, supply chains and international business partners come with greater risks. To meet your ESG goals and stay compliant, our team helps you develop policies, strategies, and procedures for vetting your business partners to keep your supply chains humane, diverse and compliant.

Corporate Governance and Social Justice

Many companies are setting ambitious targets to reach their ESG goals, requiring transparency and accountability from senior leadership and management. With different approaches taken, operational and corporate strategies must shift for businesses to adapt. Our team identifies risks and opportunities for change; updates policies, procedures, and codes of conduct; advises on management plans and compliance programs; and provides education and training to boards and executive teams so you can walk the walk in your commitment to corporate social responsibility.


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