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Energy Transition

The move toward a low-carbon future is transforming the energy sector, bringing new possibilities and challenges for participants in this space. Our Energy Transition team will help you navigate the path to sustainable energy transition, enabling you to seize opportunities and mitigate risks as the sector continues to develop and change.

Across Canada and around the world, the movement toward net zero is transforming the way we develop and deliver energy and changing the legal framework and commercial outlook in the energy space. With increasing societal demands and the accelerating pace of changing expectations within the sector, participants need counsel who can help them address evolving legal and business requirements involved in pursuing opportunities and staying competitive and compliant in the move toward a greener future.

Working at the forefront of the dynamic energy sector and transition, we partner with clients to help them navigate the shift to sustainable practices and low-carbon, renewable energy sources, placing vital importance on environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations and other implications that can affect their business. With our unique understanding of the issues and opportunities that the renewable and emerging energy sectors face, we can help you creatively solve complex legal issues involved in meeting the needs of a resilient energy economy; apply best practices for projects, corporate policies and practices; and mitigate potential risks and challenges to protect your organization’s best interests.

Your advisor in navigating the energy transition landscape

Drawing on decades of experience advising on all aspects of oil and gas, power, mining, infrastructure and energy distribution projects as well as our extensive work for emerging energy clients, our proven expertise enables us to guide our clients in green energy development and to contribute in a meaningful way to the advancement of a sustainable energy economy. Our work in sustainable and transitional energy sectors includes advising on all aspects of renewable power (wind, solar, hydro, biomass), carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS), hydrogen development, battery metals and rare earth minerals extraction, liquefied natural gas (LNG), geothermal and district energy, nuclear, including small modular reactors, power transmission and distribution, and energy storage.

From supporting the development, construction and financing of exciting and transformational projects to helping our clients manage their social and environmental impacts, we have the expertise and foresight to mitigate risks and add value while ensuring you reach your organizational and commercial goals. We offer:

  • National industry-focused support with regional expertise: Our ability to customize nationally integrated teams, coupled with our familiarity of regional regulations and project documentation in the jurisdiction and industry sector that you operate, allow us to seamlessly guide you through local and multijurisdictional complexities that may arise.
  • Multidisciplinary advice: Focused on your needs, we leverage industry-focused teams comprising lawyers from multiple disciplines and practices, including energy, infrastructure, projects, global metals and mining, ESG and sustainability, environmental, regulatory and aboriginal, technology, tax, and banking and financial services, to provide the highest level of guidance. With the support of our Strategic Advisors, this multidisciplinary approach enables us to tackle the full range of legal, regulatory and advisory matters affecting energy transition.
  • Insight from our Strategic Advisors: We work hand-in-hand with our Strategic Advisors to navigate rapidly changing regulatory frameworks and understand the policies driving the energy transition in Canada and internationally. This enables us to solve complex problems that arise at the intersection of commercial transactions and public policy and ensure you always receive holistic, pragmatic solutions. 
  • One-stop shop for all your business needs: A wide range of complex and diverse issues can arise throughout the lifespan of energy-related projects and transactions, including those involving tax, environmental, labour and employment, zoning, land use, planning, Indigenous law, and other challenges. With our exceptional roster of specialists, we are able to draw on the right expertise within our firm to provide you with complete, comprehensive and creative legal services.
  • Diverse experience: From advising on diligence, project entity structuring and stakeholder engagement to assisting with navigating local, provincial and federal regulatory landscapes, our diverse experience enables us to see projects from all perspectives, understand all stakeholders’ needs, and apply best practices and lessons learned to your unique project with a focus on driving efficiency and value.
  • Climate and carbon markets expertise: Our experienced commercial and environmental lawyers advise on carbon markets and opportunities, including offset, credit and REC trading and commercial contracts, climate change disclosures, low-emission technologies, and environmental performance standards, including legislative and regulatory developments to support not only your organization’s environmental performance, but also your business objectives and project investment decisions.
  • Specialized tax counsel: Our highly recognized national tax team provides unique insight on the tax implications surrounding energy transition. You will benefit from our team’s strong understanding of and experience with policy developments that can have an impact on your energy project or business, including the new tax incentive and credit regimes at play in our renewable and emerging energy sectors. Additionally, our tax expertise extends to disputes, providing you with valuable support in addressing any legal or regulatory tax challenges that may arise throughout the lifecycle of your energy project or business.
  • ESG and Sustainability: Our ESG team has a robust understanding of the business, industry and market drivers to provide contextualized guidance for integrating ESG thinking into their organizations. We take a holistic enterprise-wide approach, covering a wide range of areas – from board governance to human rights to climate change risks, to provide multi-disciplinary solutions to meet your business priorities.

Comprehensive legal services for critical and emerging energy sectors

Our team advises clients in a broad range of critical and emerging energy sectors in the low-carbon and renewable energy space that play a significant role in fueling our sustainable energy economy:

  • Energy Storage: Dive into McCarthy Tetrault’s global energy storage experience, providing legal expertise in the development, financing, and operation of energy storage projects, with insights into evolving regulatory landscapes.
  • Battery Metals and Critical Minerals Extraction: Gather insights into McCarthy Tétrault's leadership in battery metals which brings direct expertise in global battery metals extraction projects and supply chain considerations.
  • Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG): Explore the dynamic realm of Canada's rapidly growing LNG industry, led by our top lawyers guiding ground-breaking projects and key players worldwide.
  • Nuclear and Small Modular Reactors (SMRs): Navigate the evolving landscape of nuclear and SMR technology with McCarthy Tétrault - from advising leading developers to unique relationships and deep knowledge of Canada’s nuclear regulatory framework.
  • Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage (CCUS): Read more about McCarthy Tétrault's CCUS expertise, offering extensive legal support across diverse technologies and evolving regulatory landscapes.
  • Hydrogen: Delve into all aspects of McCarthy Tetrault’s hydrogen project development, from green to blue hydrogen generation, backed by timely insights into evolving policies and legal frameworks.
  • District Energy and Geothermal: Learn more about McCarthy Tétrault's experience with district energy projects, which leverages expertise in low-carbon heating and cooling systems, and geothermal energy development.
  • Transmission and Distribution: Discover McCarthy Tétrault's pivotal role in the maintenance, development, and expansion of critical transmission infrastructure in Canada.