McCarthy Tétrault announces the fourth edition of Defending Class Actions in Canada: A Guide for Defendants

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Toronto, February 17, 2016 — The fourth edition of Defending Class Actions in Canada: A Guide for Defendants is now available. McCarthy Tétrault lawyers offer valuable insights for business leaders and professionals exposed to class actions as well as their counsel. It outlines the procedural machinery of Canadian class actions and the law that governs them, provides strategic analysis on managing the risks they entail, and explains the most important recent developments and trends on a national and international scale.

The fourth edition provides up-to-date information on:


  • Practical and strategic advice for executives and legal counsel of corporations and institutions carrying on business in Canada and elsewhere at risk of being named as defendants in Canadian class actions
  • Up-to-date insight on the trends in the types of class actions being brought in Canada
  • Practical guidance on class action risk and specific strategies to protect businesses from class actions, including arbitration clauses, waiver clauses, recalls, apologies and other remedial programs
  • Trends and strategic insight into certification issues and post-certification litigation
  • Principles and strategies in relation to multi-jurisdictional issues, covering the latest in parallel proceedings, foreign defendants, global and national classes and enforcement issues.

Edited by Jill Yates and written by Alexandra Cocks, Sarah Corman, Jessica Dorsey, Christopher Hubbard, Miranda Lam, Jean-Francois Lehoux, Elder C. Marques, Kelli McAllister, Michael J.P. O’Brien, Julie Parla, Renee Reichelt, Michael Rosenberg, and Bryan West. The book is published by LexisNexis Canada, a member of the LexisNexis Group. It can be purchased here.

Defending Class Actions in Canada: A Guide for Defendants Book Cover

Defending Class Actions in Canada: A Guide for Defendants

ISBN: 978-0-433-48678-7

Format: Soft Cover

Pages: Approx. 280

Price: $159 CDN

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