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Contract Lifecycle Solution

Helping You Work Smarter

Contract blind spots hamper your ability to act on the risks and opportunities buried in your contracts.  You need a customizable, secure, online contract management system to accelerate the efficiency of your legal team – especially in today’s remote/hybrid environment.  We are here to help.

Customized for your needs

Our solution provides the essentials for smarter digital management of your contracts:

  • Centralized contract repository with permission controls to help the business move faster
  • Extraction, tracking and reporting of key contract data makes contracts more discoverable, so you can minimize risks and identify opportunities
  • Alert system so you can act early on contractual milestones (e.g. contract expiry)

Additional features

Beyond the core features, our contract management solution also has the flexibility to respond to your evolving needs with additional features to streamline and automate all stages of the contract lifecycle, including:  

  • Contract automation to draft cleaner, compliant and tailored contracts efficiently
  • Automation of repeatable workflows, such as contract routing, to move contracts to closure faster
  • Bespoke contract analytics to unlock information as the need arises (e.g. due diligence, lease reviews, repapering)
  • Customizable site design to align with your specific needs and how you work

All of this is built on a secure, cloud-based platform within McCarthy Tétrault’s secure environment.     

Backed by trusted advisor know-how

This solution incorporates both the experience of McCarthy Tétrault lawyers and our industry leading data solutions division, MT>3.  MT>3 is a team of lawyers, project managers and technical analysts.

This means that, unlike most contract management solutions in the market, our solution is enabled by both legal and digital professionals to ensure the delivery of a truly innovative and cost-effective solution.   

Key features

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View Contract Lifestyle Solution Key Features 2

If you would like to discuss your specific needs and how we can help, or if you would like to schedule a demo, contact us: