Unsolicited Take-Over Bid Defensive Measures – Other considerations

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See Chinese version below [中文版参阅下文].

Further to our last blog post, below are some other considerations for public companies wishing to prepare themselves for unsolicited take-over bids.


Widely-held companies wishing to prepare in advance to the extent possible should establish, and keep up-to-date, an electronic data room that is readily available if the company wants to respond to an unsolicited offer by soliciting white knights. A take-over bid response team could be formed with members of senior management, possibly a committee of the board of directors, legal and financial advisers, public relations advisers, and proxy solicitation experts. Many widely-held public companies compile a “black book” with strategic plans, draft legal agreements, precedent disclosure documents and other materials that would be needed in the event of an unexpected take-over bid.


继我们上一篇博客, 以下是上市公司应对恶意收购可以做的准备工作。





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