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Professional Liability

Allegations of insufficient diligence, breach of professional standards, negligence or worse are escalating in today’s ever more demanding consumer environment.

As a professional, you cannot remain complacent. Your integrity, reputation and livelihood hinge on the swift and effective resolution of any and all allegations against you. No organization, institution or individual is immune.

Top-ranked architects, dentists, directors and officers of companies, engineers, financial advisors, lawyers, media personnel, physicians, psychologists, real estate agents and other professionals can be the target of such allegations. Frequently, these allegations entail civil proceedings, securities commission hearings, insolvency-related proceedings, disciplinary charges and criminal allegations. What’s more, the amounts awarded by judgment are on the rise.

When you’re under threat, you need advocates who will protect your reputation and professional integrity to the fullest. McCarthy Tétrault has been at the forefront of professional liability for decades, pleading ground-breaking cases before almost every court and administrative body in Canada. We’ve been instrumental in evolving case law and the regulatory framework. 

Respected professionals choose McCarthy Tétrault because:  

  • We have depth and expertise. We respond to the most complex allegations and handle multiple proceedings swiftly and competently. We work seamlessly with our colleagues in related areas such as insurance litigation, labour law, bankruptcy & restructuring, and human rights to address all your issues.
  • We are fast and efficient. We focus on providing optimal results through advice, alternative dispute resolution, arbitration, mediation, negotiation or litigation.
  • We have the premier litigation practice in Canada. As the nation's pre-eminent litigation firm for over 150 years, we have leading lawyers in every region across the country. 
  • We understand your profession in depth. We advise the governing bodies of several professions, including our own, on their submissions to legislative bodies regarding proposed changes to the regulatory framework in which they work. 
  • We tailor our approach to your situation. As professionals ourselves, we understand and address the full impact that confronting legal problems can have on your reputation and your ability to carry on in the public or private sector. 

You have a duty of care to seek the best counsel available: McCarthy Tétrault.