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Our precedent-setting Fintech team leads clients incisively through each evolutionary stage of this burgeoning sector - whether carving out law for new financial services or products, or helping seize opportunities for financial service providers and ancillary services; our group is a one-stop-shop for Fintech legal advice.

We understand the complexities of the Fintech ecosystem

Whether you are a startup or established financial institution, our multidisciplinary team is perfectly positioned with the legal, technology and business knowledge to navigate you through a jungle of regulations, avoiding data pitfalls and leveraging industry disrupting tech. Our scope of experience and industry insight is unparalleled, guiding you through the regulatory challenges, commercial agreements, negotiations and compliance requirements of your market. Whatever the legal issue, we bring strategic vision, proven experience, and tech savvy problem-solving.

With decades of experience in financial services regulation, consumer protection, cybersecurity and technology agreements, our lawyers quickly detect and address concerns. We create decisive, strategic solutions for venture capital, joint ventures, M&A, IPOs, pension funds, strategic partnerships, outsourcing, intellectual property strategy, licensing, private equity, data analytics and beyond.

Forge connections and clear hurdles

Just as valuable as our Fintech legal perspective is our knowledge of and connections with financial institutions, government, regulators, innovators and financiers. We bring the benefit of these connections to you, introducing you to not only what but who you need to know.

Pricing that reflects partnership

We build relationships for the long run, and never want our fees to detract from your success. We firmly believe this is a collaborative effort and would sit down with you to understand your specific budget, needs and expectations and jointly design a creative, cost-effective pricing solution - not necessarily built on hourly fees.

Stay at the cutting-edge - connect with us to help you achieve your goals.

In the Media

Watch Lori Stein, Co-Lead of our Fintech Group talk to Blockchain North Founder & CEO Florent Thévenin about the regulatory approval process for crypto and predictions for crypto over the next two years.