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Québec Privacy Compliance Toolkit: Navigating a New Regime under Law 25 (formerly Bill 64)

Ensuring compliance with the more stringent privacy obligations generated by the passage of Law 25 (formerly known as Bill 64) in Québec requires a thorough understanding of the regulatory framework – and the stakes are high as one misstep can be costly.

McCarthy Tétrault’s Québec Privacy Compliance Toolkit brings clarity to your privacy compliance questions. What does this mean for your business? Which privacy and data collection policies and procedures will your organization need to carefully review? Our toolkit is designed to help you comply with Law 25 and understand how the newer legislation intersects with prior federal and provincial obligations.

Our multidisciplinary Cyber/Data Group is here to help. If you have any questions or would like more information, please reach out to Charles Morgan or Dan Glover.

Download our Law 25 Toolkit

Download our Law 25 Toolkit

Download Here