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Law 25 Blog Series from McCarthy Tétrault’s Cyber/Data Group

This article is part of our Law 25 Blog Series, which will provide readers with a 360° view on Law 25 (formerly known as Bill 64) and its sweeping amendments to Quebec’s Act Respecting the Protection of Personal Information in the Private Sector (the “Private Sector Act”). To view other blog posts in the series, scroll down to the bottom of this article. This page will be updated regularly with the latest posts.

The passage of Law 25 (formerly known as Bill 64) (the Act to Modernize Legislative Provisions respecting the Protection of Personal Information) will overhaul Québec’s privacy regime and have major consequences for companies doing business in the province or that handle the personal information of Québec residents. Aimed at promoting transparency and enhancing data privacy, the significant changes to the existing Private Sector Act include more stringent obligations for businesses, greater accountability and tougher penalties for non-compliance.

So what does this mean for your business? Ensuring compliance requires careful planning and a thorough understanding of this uniquely “made in Québec” approach to privacy protection. McCarthy Tétrault’s Law 25 Blog Series gives you valuable insights on how the latest developments will impact your business so you can stay compliant and capitalize on opportunities in the evolving privacy and data landscape in Québec. Featuring posts from our multidisciplinary Cyber/Data experts, the series will cover key topics including consent, enforcement issues under Bill 64, automated decision-making, information governance requirements and much more.

McCarthy Tétrault’s Cyber/Data Group has immense regional and national experience in privacy, data protection and cybersecurity and a track record in advising key sectors on critical issues in novel and complex areas of law. Our team can help you navigate the privacy and data landscape so you can leverage the value of data, develop responsible AI practices, protect your organization’s assets and cement customers’ and clients’ digital trust.

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Quebec Law 25 Update - Latest Obligations Effective September 2023

Quebec Law 25 Update - Latest Obligations Effective September 2023

Today, the majority of Quebec’s Law 25 privacy reform enters into force, elevating Quebec’s privacy regime to a standard that resembles the GDPR and other new-age regimes. If your organization does business in Quebec and processes the personal information of Quebecers, it is crucial that you take meaningful steps to comply with the new obligations, as the fines for non-compliance could be significant.


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To learn more about how our Cyber/Data Group can help you navigate the privacy and data landscape, please contact national co-leaders Charles Morgan and Daniel Glover.



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