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Canadian Broadcasting Regulatory Handbook, 14th Edition

Now in its 14th edition, this is the standard reference in Canada on the Broadcasting Act, cabinet directions to the CRTC, broadcasting regulations, exemption orders, regulatory codes and CRTC policy statements other than those solely relating to radio, all updated to October 12, 2017. The handbook includes a fully annotated copy of the Broadcasting Act and an index by subject matter. Also included are the CRTC policies, codes and regulations arising from its “Let’s Talk TV” decisions in 2015, and references to the Creative Canada Policy Framework, announced by the government in 2017.

Canadian Broadcasting Regulatory Handbook (14th Edition, 2017) Book Cover

Canadian Broadcasting Regulatory Handbook (14th Edition, 2017)

ISBN: 978-1-987856-06-4

Format: Soft Cover

Pages: 1040

Price: $140 CDN

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