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Ontario Introduces New Consumer Protection Act, 2023 and Amendments to the Consumer Reporting Act

The Government of Ontario (the “Government”) has introduced Bill 142, Better for Consumers, Better for Businesses Act, 2023 (the “Bill”) that, if passed, would replace the existing Consumer Protection Act, 2002 (“Existing CPA”) with the new Consumer Protection Act, 2023 (“the Proposed CPA”) and would also amend the current Consumer Reporting Act. 

The goals of the Proposed CPA are to enhance consumer protection, increase and simplify business compliance, increase public confidence in the marketplace, support Ontario’s economic growth and adapt consumer protection laws to the increasingly digital-first marketplace.

To achieve its goals, the Proposed CPA includes a number of substantial initiatives that will significantly affect consumer-facing businesses. The Proposed CPA would have retroactive effect and apply to current consumer contracts. Significant elements regarding transitional and other matters are proposed to be dealt with by way of Regulation, which have not yet been released.

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