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Estates and Trusts

Trusted advisors to help guide you in your estate planning

Skilled in family governance and succession planning we bring extensive technical skills and a focus on the practical to assist you in navigating the complexities of wealth transfer. We listen carefully to you to ensure your estate plan achieves your personal goals.

With recognized expertise in domestic and cross-border estate and trust planning, as well as litigation and dispute resolution, we provide complete lifecycle planning and services, and are the natural choice for those dealing with complex matters. 

Ensuring your wishes are realized

As your advisor, we can ensure your wealth is protected for future generations or for charitable purposes by employing well-planned strategies using wills, powers of attorney for property, inter vivos trusts, estate freezes and a range of other techniques. We can also ensure your personal decisions, including important decisions about medical care and living arrangements, are made by those of your choosing and in accordance with your desires, through the use of powers of attorney for personal care and related directives.

We also assist attorneys for property, trustees, and executors (estate trustees) in fulfilling their fiduciary administrative obligations, including in the preparation and passing of accounts in both contested and uncontested scenarios. 

Unparalleled experience

Should matters require court intervention, our team can deal with disputes efficiently and effectively. Our litigators have a wealth of experience in estate and trust law dispute resolution related to the validity of wills, powers of attorney, the appointment of guardians for property or person, the use of powers of attorneys, and the administration of trusts and estates. In particular, we have significant expertise in the complexities of capacity proceedings and challenges, including with reference to undue influence and suspicious circumstances. We understand the sensitivity of such disputes and achieve excellent results with a tactful, interest-based approach.