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Insurance Litigation

Our savvy and experienced litigators keep your business objectives at the forefront, delivering valuable advice and creative strategies to protect your business and mitigate risk

To protect yourself or your business from financial hardship, you need to ascertain whether your insurance coverage is adequate before you suffer a loss. If a loss occurs, timely expert advice is fundamental to avoid litigation against your insurer. Should litigation become necessary, you need counsel whose sole mission is to protect your interests. Our firm is Canada's only major law firm that provides advice exclusively to property and casualty insurance policyholders.  

Our lawyers are experts on numerous insurance products on the market. Many learned the intricacies of insurance law and general and class action litigation working inside the legal departments of insurance companies, businesses or boutique law firms specializing in insurance. As needed, they partner with our specialists in labour, health, security, environmental, securities, tax or bankruptcy law.

" They give real-time advice, which really matters. They’re very timely and have made complicated issues digestible so that it can be translated for business people very succinctly "
Client (Chambers Canada)

We deliver:

  • Contract and portfolio reviews. Our lawyers have experience with the numerous insurance products available on the market, including several sophisticated products, such as directors' and officers' (D&O) insurance and intellectual property insurance. We review your insurance portfolio and advise you on the best solutions to meet your needs.
  • D&O Insurance. We defend the rights of directors and officers in litigation against insurers regarding the cancellation of coverage. We also review directors' and officers' insurance policies, advising you on renewing them, or drafting clauses and endorsements specific to your needs.
  • Advice in times of trouble. Both businesses and individuals who find themselves in financial difficulty seek our expertise. Our lawyers draft notices addressed to insurers where the insured is on the brink of insolvency, in order to trigger insurance coverage or to negotiate the application of certain protections. We also advise our clients on matters related to the impact of re-processing financial statements.
  • Crisis management. We'll be there immediately should you have an accident or suffer other disaster. We will advise you, interview your people and make sure the appropriate evidence is gathered so you can present the facts accurately, collect all the coverage to which you are entitled and avoid future litigation. 
  • Insurance litigation. We act on your behalf if you are sued. We start an action if your insurance company denies you the benefits of your policy. Our lawyers are rigorous yet imaginative when it comes to getting you the full benefits you are entitled to.