At the Intersection of Gaming, Integrity, Technology, and the Law is MT❯Play

The Game is Changing

MT❯Play, a venture of McCarthy Tétrault, is a global gaming consulting firm.

The gaming industry is rapidly changing. Emerging innovative and disruptive technologies, evolving demographic, and the demands, wants and expectations of consumers are exponentially growing – not only in size, but in scope and complexity. While lotteries and land-based casinos continue to perform, the convergence of technology and entertainment has seen online gaming, sports betting and social gaming develop at unprecedented rates. Regulation is often playing catch up with new gaming realities.

Players from across the gaming spectrum look to MT❯Play to provide strategic advisory, technical and operational services that are aligned with their unique needs.

It's Your Move 

The long-term success of gaming organizations will depend on their ability to pro-actively manage commercial, legal, regulatory and reputational risk, as well as recognize and embrace the opportunities presented by technological innovation and consumer expectations.

Advising clients within a dynamic industry, MT❯Play is focused on the future landscape of gaming and advisory services, delivering solutions to business challenges through expertise, extensive networks, strategic alliances and the use of technology. MT❯Play helps clients be MVPs in shaping industry growth.

With expertise covering both traditional and evolving aspects of the gaming industry, MT❯Play advises across six key areas:

  • Gaming
  • Lottery
  • Esports
  • Fantasy Sports
  • i-Gaming
  • Sports Betting

Our team is supported by the platform of one of Canada’s top law firms, McCarthy Tétrault.

MT>Play and McCarthy Tétrault

A venture of McCarthy Tetrault, MT> Play is supported by the platform of one of Canada’s top law firms.

Ilkim Hincer, President & CEO

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Derek Ramm, Vice President

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Matt Kelleher, Principal

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