Startup agility meets the traditional firm 

To answer the needs of clients in the rapidly changing and interconnected business sphere, McCarthy Tétrault re-thought and re-imagined some of its service offerings and launched MT❯Divisions. MT❯Divisions represents a group of new businesses that have been either acquired or developed by our firm. Each business operates as a separate division and leverages business, data, technology, and other resources to provide solutions for clients.

" This hybrid model seeks to achieve the best of two worlds: the entrepreneurial spirit and agile operations of a start-up; and the focus on quality and calibre of one of Canada’s most storeyed and globally active law firms "
Matthew Peters, Partner, National Innovation Leader

MT❯Divisions employs tailored approaches to client service delivery under a unified mandate of providing service excellence and value. MT❯Divisions builds successful collaborations with clients through:

  • Deeply understanding the business needs, opportunities and challenges of the industries served to provide customized solutions;
  • Completing projects more quickly to save time, meet deadlines and increase speed-to-deal;
  • Streamlining, eliminating, systematizing and/or automating routine legal work; and
  • Improving the overall quality, consistency and cost-predictability of legal and advisory services.

MTDivisions currently has five business lines under its auspices: MT❯3, MT❯Align, MT❯iplus, MTVentures and MTVersion. Each embodies the proactive, technology-empowered nature of the enterprise and the ability to rapidly scale and launch innovative solutions ensures that our firm will deliver essential new services in the months and years to come.

MT❯3 is the leading law firm specialized in providing advice and services related to the management of digital information. Using advanced machine learning technology and retaining a highly-specialized multi-disciplinary team, MT❯3 extends service well beyond traditional legal advice and offers a wide range of legal, strategic and technical services within e-Discovery, information governance and technology strategy.

MT❯Align is a growing community of high-calibre independent contract lawyers supported by the McCarthy Tétrault platform. MT❯Align quickly provides customized, flexible resources with both law firm and in-house experience to fit clients’ unique needs.

MT❯iplus is a re-envisioning of McCarthy Tétrault’s national immigration practice. The MT❯iplus team of counsel, paralegals and paraprofessionals take a holistic approach to the practical personal and business realities of resettling and acquiring global talent.

MT❯Ventures invites emerging companies and startups into the McCarthy Tétrault community. Founders gain access to resources, global reach, expertise and support of an established law firm to help propel your business, at any stage of your startup cycle.

MT❯Version leverages machine translation and experienced in-house resources to deliver timely, accurate and high quality legal translation results.

MT❯Core is the lean operating platform for MT❯Divisions. It is founded on a cloud-enabled environment, supporting the HR, financial and operational needs of each new MT venture. MT❯Core’s sophisticated technology and nimble team of specialists ensures that MT business lines roll out and scale quickly with reduced overhead and without duplicate processes. This platform for business innovation also affords the latitude to test new technology in an agile environment before launching to the broader firm.