Annual General Meeting Alternatives

Helping You Evaluate Your Options

In response to public health and safety concerns arising from the COVID-19 outbreak, many public companies must explore innovative options for holding their Annual General Meetings in order to meet their legal requirements. The options available come with unique challenges and risks. Let us provide the legal guidance needed to properly evaluate the options and mitigate risk so that you can decide what is best for your organization.

Generally, there are three options on meeting format:

  • Virtual-only
  • Hybrid
  • Physical meeting with cautionary press release.

How we can help

We’ve had similar discussions with many public companies, across a diverse range of sectors. With experience and expertise, we will provide:

  • An analysis of your organization’s governing corporate statute and its constating documents to determine which meeting options are available to you
  • Advice on communications to shareholders, including press releases, notice and other disclosure requirements
  • Recommendations for service providers in respect of the appropriate technology to carry out meetings
  • Advice on guidance issued by the courts, regulators and the TSX as matters continue to evolve in the current circumstances
  • Assistance with any required regulatory exemption or court order, to the extent required