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We give startups an unfair advantage.

Image for Your secret weapon.
Your secret weapon.

You are the lifeblood of your company and wouldn’t have it any other way. But you want a stacked team that’s in for the long haul and has your back.

MT❯Ventures is a unique company, providing the legal smarts and strategic counsel that startups need, plus direct access to a validated suite of services to help you grow and focus on the vision.

Backed by the power of McCarthy Tétrault, we will help you seize your greatest opportunities and overcome the inevitable obstacles.

We're like your permanent accelerator.

Startups that partner with MT❯Ventures gain access to an exclusive suite of legal and non-legal services that are otherwise impossible to find under one roof:

Legal Solutions

Tailored to your needs and stage, including expert legal advice, tech-driven documents and access to a Virtual General Counsel.

Operations Management

Step-by-step guidance to solve your distracting operations and other back-office needs, such as HR processes, bookkeeping and grant programs.

Flexible Talent

Direct access to startup professionals to fill gaps on your team, including Finance, HR, Project Management and Compliance professionals.

Access to Capital

Access to our trusted network of influential investors, including angels, VCs, and family offices.

Advisory Network

Connections to advisors, industry leaders, mentors and confidants, who can open doors and give you the inside track.

Image for We're picky too.
We're picky too.

We only partner with startups where we can make a big difference – in industries where we have top expertise and the right connections.

We'd love to meet you.

Great teams are built on trust and mutual respect. We’d love to learn about your business and see if we’re the perfect fit for each other.


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