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Find your fit.

Find your fit.  

MT❯Align lets our clients access a roster of top-tier independent lawyers to support their short-term or temporary legal needs. Whether it’s a sudden surge in workflow, or project work in an area in which your team is unfamiliar, we fit your unique needs. Our roster of independent contract lawyers possess a distinct suite of skills and industry knowledge to address any challenge. MT❯Align is supported by an innovative technology platform to drive efficiency, and is backed by the resources and processes of McCarthy Tétrault.

Our lawyers integrate seamlessly with clients to achieve business outcomes. We work with clients to scope the work, develop alternative fee arrangements to suit your budget, provide cost certainty and align objectives. The cost savings achieved by driving efficiency and the value generated by focusing your team on high-value priorities provides a compelling business case.

MT❯Align provides you with the following services:

  • Embedded resources to provide temporary replacements for short-term leaves or to help with overflow work.
  • Outsourced resources to carry out non-strategic, non-core work.
  • Process improvement of project resources to supplement your existing team to advance efficiencies.
  • Virtual in-house counsel for companies with small or no legal departments or head-count limitations.
  • Specialized capabilities to augment existing teams such as pension and commercial real estate.

Experience you can trust

All MT❯Align lawyers have access to MT❯Align training, templates and tools. In addition, the majority of our lawyers are McCarthy Tétrault alumni or were referred to us by McCarthy Tétrault partners. Each candidate is rigorously vetted and deployed strategically to best meet the needs of our clients.

To learn more about how MT❯Align can fit your needs, contact [email protected].


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