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The McCarthy Tétrault of digital information.


MT❯3, formerly Wortzmans, offers a suite of highly specialized, innovative and cost-effective legal and technical services for the management of digital information:


Expert advice on all phases of e-Discovery— from preservation to production.

An experienced team of lawyers and project managers for document review projects.

Insightful legal and technical perspectives for information governance strategies — drafting defensible, easily implemented policies and protocols.

Technology Strategies that recommend the best-in-breed solutions available to support e-Discovery, information governance and litigation management functions.

Helping our clients navigate legal, regulatory and operational challenges brought on by digital data and investigations that require a comprehensive forensic analysis.

E-Discovery: Leaders from the beginning.

MT❯3 was the first Canadian law firm to focus exclusively on e-Discovery and electronic information. We have been providing legal and strategic advice on the management all phases of e-Discovery in complex litigation, investigations, Competition Bureau requests, and other disclosure projects since 2007. We excel at managing e-Discovery projects and overseeing significant document review projects.

We have many years of experience advising clients on preservation obligations, collection issues, and the implementation of electronic tools to process and review electronic information.​

For the small, mid-size or large organization or law firm, MT❯3 can provide independent advice on reducing discovery costs. We also lead the industry in e-Discovery research, allowing clients unbiased access to the most up to date resources in this ​fast-changing space.

​Managed Document Review: By professionals.

Document review is often the most challenging part of e-Discovery. At MT❯3, we’ve worked on hundreds of cases, some involving just a few gigabytes of electronic information, others involving thousands. We have an experienced legal review team and access to the leading analytics and review platforms. We know how to perfect the process.

The professionals at MT❯3 assess each project individually to recommend the optimal combination of electronic tools and professional review. We use a highly trained and dedicated lawyer review team and provide clients with access to the most up-to-date technology. Document review matters to our clients and we know how to manage it — professionally.

Information Governance: Strategy. Action.

Every organization needs information governance. Why? Because when properly implemented, information governance helps manage information at an enterprise level, supporting any organization’s immediate and future regulatory, legal, risk, environmental and operational requirements.

Since 2007, MT❯3 has helped a wide variety of corporations bring order to their information chaos. First, we carefully analyze and assess each organization’s current state. Then, we identify clear objectives that recognize operational imperatives and offer a strategic and incremental approach to change. We develop an integrated set of multi-disciplinary structures, policies, procedures and processes that turn your information liabilities into assets and create efficiencies, while containing risk.

Due Diligence.

Due diligence done right means peace of mind. Our experienced team of due diligence review lawyers leverage leading-edge technology to perform due diligence with greater accuracy, efficiency, and with greater cost savings and cost predictability. Our process ensure clients can move forward with their eyes open.

Digital Forensics.

The need for forensic investigations has increased due to the wide prevalence of evidence on social media platforms, in cloud-based locations, and the growing use of a variety of devices, tools and applications such as Teams, Zoom, Slack, and WhatsApp.

MT❯3 Digital Forensics is a unique offering that augments the services MT❯3 and McCarthy Tétrault provide their clients in collecting and analyzing the high volumes of digital data across a variety of situations.

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