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Document Review shouldn't take all the fun out of litigating.

Managed Document Review

Document review is a necessary part of litigation, investigations, inquiries and regulatory compliance matters. MT❯3, formerly Wortzmans, has built its reputation on the quality, service and speed of its managed document review.

Our Team

Under the guidance of our senior counsel and supervising lawyers, we assemble review teams on very short notice. Our review lawyers are all called to the Bar in Canada. We use a dedicated team of knowledgeable, skilled, and experienced review lawyers for each project. We provide comprehensive review lawyer training, supervision and active quality control.

The right tools

Developments in technology have had a significant impact on document review. We know, because we have used all of the latest software and strategies to speed up review and increase accuracy. For each file, you need to find the appropriate tools to meet your needs. Tools that incorporate predictive coding, TAR, conceptual analysis and clustering are all second nature to us. We will assess your project and recommend the best approach for you.

A managed approach

We don't leave anything to chance. All of our projects are managed by experienced Project Managers who have supervised multiple projects using the principles defined by the Project Management Institute. Our Project Managers are fully engaged in the planning, initiation, execution and monitoring of your project.


MT❯3 provides regular progress reports to our clients. These reports are provided daily along with a summary of significant developments. These reports show the daily progress of the review including review counts, coding statistics, and review rates. The daily progress reports let you know that the project is running on budget and on schedule.

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