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Big data, meet big trouble.

Information Governance  

​Increase Efficiency. Mitigate Risk. Protect your Reputation.

​Over time, stored information loses value, grows increasingly complex, and becomes a liability rather than an asset. Good information governance practices will solve that problem.

Our strategies

Initial Assessment and Data Map

Assessing your organization’s current practices, policies and standards

​Inventorying existing digital information sources, summarized in an easy to read “information data map”

Gap Analysis

​Identifying areas for improvement and providing recommendations for processes, practices, and technology solutions

​Advising on methods for reducing storage and legally-defensible disposition strategy

Policies & Procedures

Drafting information governance and related policies and procedures; providing legal opinions on existing policy

Developing critical audit processes to ensure the strategy is implemented and legally defensible

Technology Selection

Recommending records management and other technology solutions to suit your organization

Ensuring minimal disruption by recommending a back-end solution to auto-classify and appropriately retain records

Risk Management

​Mitigating the reputational and financial impact of a potential cyber breach

​Identifying organizational risks associated with your data and developing strategies to mitigate those risks

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