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Digital Forensics

MT❯3 Digital Forensics provides clients with deep expertise to manage complex forensic situations including:

Data Recovery

For litigation and investigations, MT❯3 Digital Forensics leverages both technical tools and seasoned experts to recover data from computers, phones and other handheld devices, tablets, social media, and other online sources.

Online Investigations

It is often necessary to understand who created a piece of digital evidence – whether it is a website, a Reddit or Instagram account, a Twitter post, etc. Our MT❯3 Digital Forensics specialized team of technologists will dive deeply into the digital footprint and provide the information required.

Workplace & Fraud Investigations

Organizations frequently conduct internal investigations, for example regarding a toxic work environment, or harassment in the workplace. Our MT❯3 Digital Forensics team will support an in-house IT team with the collection of digital evidence, or if needed manage the collection process from beginning to end.

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