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HR Compliance & Risk Management Diagnostic

The HR Compliance Diagnostic is a pro-active tool that helps companies assess and achieve compliance with employment regulations while reducing risk and bringing comfort to directors, officers, in-house counsel and HR professionals.

Employees are the engine of Canadian business, but relationships can be fraught with legal complexities and reputational risk. Our solution considers the hurdles of an increasingly complex legal and regulatory environment, and enables organizations to perform at their best.

How it works

Diagnostic Process: working closely with the organization’s legal and HR teams we will conduct a comprehensive audit of their employment policies and practices.

Risk Assessment and Mitigation: we assess an organization’s vulnerability to non-compliance over a broad spectrum of employment and labour statutes and help them achieve compliance.

How clients benefit

Tailored advice and post-closing compliance: clients will receive advice customized for their workplace. Acquirers of new business can establish business practices that are fully compliant with the law and integrated into existing practices and policies with related business units.

Leading industry expertise and a national approach: our industry leading, national team of L&E lawyers in partnership with our team of in-house HR professionals conduct the audit and assessment process. As a national firm, we can provide this solution to cross-provincial organizations ensuring compliance across jurisdictions.

Peace of mind with cost certainty: we provide a pro-active, risk mitigation tool ensuring compliance with regard to labour, employment and HR regulations as well as policies to protect Director and Officer liability.