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Contract Negotiation Solution

The McCarthy Tétrault Contract Negotiation Solution is an innovative service delivery model that will reduce legal costs, drive revenue growth and increase your in-house team’s capacity to focus on truly strategic matters.

Already deployed with some of our most respected clients, this integrated solution helps to manage high volumes of low and medium-complexity commercial contracts with the highest quality and at the lowest cost.

This solution takes on the burden of reviewing, negotiating and drafting commercial agreements while maintaining transparency, quality control and consistency in your business’s contractual relationships. We work closely with a global legal process outsourcing provider using customized technology tools and a process tested and enhanced by real world application to transform how your organisation manages, and finds value in, its existing contract management processes.

We make the solution customizable at every level to the specific needs of your organisation. We’ll review your relevant commercial documents and develop templates and a customised Playbook to find alternate positions for your needs. By maintaining all documents in a central repository that tracks progress and contract lifecycle, you can use the data generated to streamline your processes and build synergies that drive revenue growth for your organisation well into the future.

How it works

  1. McCarthy Tétrault reviews relevant commercial documents to create a set of standard templates. We then create a Playbook for managing alternate positions that deviate from these templates.
  2. Negotiation can either be undertaken by the client or our preferred legal outsourcer. The relevant contracts and Playbook form the basis for the outsourcer to review, revise, amend and renew these contracts accordingly.
  3. Any exceptions from the Playbook are reviewed and quality controlled by McCarthy Tétrault. We also undertake a final review of all contracts to ensure quality and consistency.
  4. A central repository maintains all documents throughout the process that tracks progress and the contract lifecycle.

How Clients Benefit

Increased in-house capacity: allows the client’s legal resources to be redeployed to higher value, strategic tasks. We help clients reposition internal legal functions to be innovative and generate revenue, rather than as a cost centre.

Improved results and compelling pricing: a rigorous process enables a consistent high-quality work product through the development of a customized Playbook for drafting and negotiating, with exceptions automatically subjected to a higher degree of quality control - all prices significantly lower than standard hourly rates.

Contract lifecycle management: uses secure, cloud-based technology, driving better contract portfolio management by tracking the lifecycle of contracts and reporting on status, whether they are in negotiation, closed, subject to rate changes, approaching expiration or renewal, in dispute, etc.

Data analytics to drive revenue: technology tools enable continued improvement by providing actionable data to track commercial contracts, identify revenue leakage or any variations from contracting norms or contractual lifecycle provisions.