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This is a photo of Iulia A. Anescu

Iulia A.

Summer Student
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Iulia is a graduate of the University of Ottawa's Civil Law Section from which she earned her civil law degree as a 2019 Loran Dobson Scholar. She was awarded the University's Gold Medal as well as the Faculty of Law Plaque for the highest standing in the entire civil law program. Iulia will continue her studies in the National Program, persuing a Juris Doctor degree. Prior to her studies at the University of Ottawa, Iulia obtained a CEGEP Diploma in Humanities, focused on International Exploration at Collège Lionel-Groulx. She participated in several United Nations simulations and created an Amnesty International group at her CEGEP.

During her law studies, Iulia worked part-time as a political attaché for a federal government minister. Curious about different areas of the law, she was a research assistant for several professors in indigenous law, municipal law and rights and freedoms. Iulia obtained a research fellowship from the Canada Research Chair on Legal Diversity and Indigenous Peoples, which allowed her to study the agentivity of Indigenous Peoples when it comes to environmental protection. Having at heart the issue of access to justice, Iulia has been involved with the Centre de justice de proximité de l'Outaouais and with the Notarial Law Clinic of the University of Ottawa. She was also an intern at the Superior Court of Quebec with the Honourable Justices Jean Faullem and Suzanne Tessier, an experience that greatly ignited her interest in litigation.

Passionate about the performing arts, Iulia loves going to shows and festivals of all kinds. She also enjoys running, hiking and cooking.