A New Era?: What the 43rd Parliament means for Cannabis in Canada




December 09, 2019

Time of event


On November 20th, 2019, the Honourable Patty Hadju was appointed as the Federal Minister of Health and will assume responsibility for the cannabis regulatory and policy file.

Join McCarthy Tétrault and Global Public Affairs in a conversation regarding the new Ministers’ likely area of focus and how the formation of the 43rd Parliament may impact the cannabis sector.

Ranjeev Dhillon, Partner and Rami Chalabi, Partner will host Genevieve Young, President, Global Public Affairs and Alanna Sokic, Senior Consultant, Cannabis, Global Public Affairs for an in-depth conversation concerning the new governments’ areas of interest, parliamentary dynamics in a minority government and what impacts these changes could have on cannabis regulation and policy. Global Public Affairs’ Rick Roth, Vice President, Ontario will also seek to provide insight into the federal-provincial dynamic and how provincial responsibilities such as distribution, possession limits, and consumption may evolve.

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