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9th Annual Pension & Benefits Seminar: Cooking With Gas – How We Can Help You With Plan Management




November 27, 2019

Time of event


Lawyers from our Pension, Benefits & Executive Compensation Group will provide you with practical insights into the year’s most notable cases and current hot topics to assist you with plan management.

Topics this year will include:

  • Recent Legal & Legislative Developments
  • Avoid a Boil Over – Managing Before Issues Arise
  • From the Frying Pan to the Fire – Practical Tips for Resolving Claims and Compliance Breaches
  • Avoid a Boil Over – Managing Before Issues Arise
  • On the Back Burner – Emerging Risk Mitigation Strategies
  • Drawing Water from the Well – GST/HST Recoveries
  • Trends – The View from Our Office

For questions about this seminar, please contact [email protected].

Speakers / lawyers