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Canadian Spam Telemarketing and Privacy Handbook

The first edition of the Canadian Spam, Telemarketing, and Privacy Handbook is a convenient single reference source for the laws, regulations, directions, rules and other key documents that govern spam, telemarketing and privacy in Canada. It also includes a synopsis of those laws, regulations and documents. As it covers significant ground on the legal framework that applies to telemarketing and other forms of unsolicited telecommunications, this book is not only suitable for lawyers, but also for a wider audience that extends to telecom industry professionals, marketing executives, and others who are interested in the regulation of telemarketing.

Please click the link below to purchase this handbook. Available in English only.

Canadian Spam Telemarketing and Privacy Handbook Book Cover

ISBN: 978-1-987856-05-7

Format: Soft Cover

Pages: 857

Price: $70 CDN

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