Update: CETA Ratification to Implement Changes to the Patent Act, PM(NOC) Regime and Trade-marks Act Moving Swiftly in Canada

Canada’s sweeping trade deal with the European Union is expected to be implemented early next year. As reported previously, the government of Canada has tabled Bill C-30 to ratify CETA, which proposes significant changes to the Patent Act and the PM(NOC) regime, as well as  geographic indications under the Trade-marks Act.

Bill C-30 will receive Royal Assent, and become law in Canada, once it passes through both the House of Commons and the Senate.

On December 13, 2013, Bill C-30 passed a second reading in the House of Commons by a comfortable margin of 266 to 39. Bill C-30 was subsequently referred to the Standing Committee on International Trade.  The committee members are reviewing the bill clause by clause, and holding hearings with government officials, and experts to gather information.  The committee can then propose amendments or changes to the bill.

Once the committee has finished its review, the House of Commons will complete a third reading to debate and vote on the bill. Bill C-30 will then moves to the Senate chamber, where members of the Senate follow a similar process as the House of Commons.

At this current pace, it is expected that Bill C-30 will receive Royal Assent by the end of Q1 2017, signifying CETA’s formal ratification in Canada. Once Royal Assent is received, the proposed amendments to the Patent Act  and Trade-marks Act bringing Canada into compliance with its CETA obligations will be in place.  It is expected that draft amendments to the PM(NOC) Regulations will be released shortly thereafter.



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