FinTech in Canada: A Report Studying The Canadian FinTech Ecosystem

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“FinTech in Canada: British Columbia Edition” brings insight from more than a hundred stakeholders in the Canadian FinTech sector on challenges and opportunities, provides a comparative overview of the FinTech ecosystem in Canada and 16 other countries, including the U.K., U.S. and Australia and offers recommendations to advance FinTech in Canada.

The Digital Finance Institute and McCarthy Tétrault LLP have co-authored a comprehensive report, “FinTech in Canada: British Columbia Edition” studying the Canadian FinTech ecosystem. The report reviews the current FinTech landscape in Canada, with a special focus on Vancouver, and a comparative overview of FinTech in 16 international jurisdictions. A product of a unique internationally collaborative process, the report brings together insights of key stakeholders in Canadian FinTech, including banks, government agencies, tech firms, law firms, advisory firms, universities, VCs and industry associations.

The report maps the FinTech ecosystem in Canada, and its strengths, challenges and opportunities with a view to understanding the future of FinTech, in Canada and globally. The report offers recommendations and a roadmap for Canada to capitalize on its FinTech opportunity and be an international leader in FinTech.

FinTech in Canada: British Columbia Edition” is a collaboration between McCarthy Tétrault LLP’s FinTech group and the Digital Finance Institute. The Digital Finance Institute is a prestigious Canadian-based think tank for FinTech established in 2013 with a mandate to address the balance of innovation and regulation; support initiatives for financial inclusion; and advocate for diversity in FinTech. K&L Gates LLP, a global law firm, contributed insight and content for the report regarding the U.S. and Australian FinTech ecosystems.

For the full report, click here.

For more information about our firm’s Fintech expertise, please see our Fintech group page.

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