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Three Tips for Making the Most out of Collision

On the eve of Toronto’s final Collision, with an expected 40,000 people and over 100 Collision adjacent events, we wanted to share three tips for navigating it successfully. Collision can feel overwhelming and even lonely as you go through the motions along with the other attendees. However, with the right approach, you can make Collision a cornerstone of your personal and professional growth goals for 2024. Here are MT>Ventures top three tips for making the most out of Collision – be organized, be deliberate and, of course, follow up!

  1. Be organized: Your Itinerary is your best friend

With hundreds of speakers, booths and networking events, organization is key. Decide beforehand how you want to block off your day. Before you set foot at Exhibition Place, download the Collision app, familiarize yourself with the schedule and start planning your days. Identify sessions that align with your goals, decide the times you want to walk the floor and determine which Collision adjacent events you want to go to.

Time is a finite resource, so plan it wisely. Pace yourself. Like any conference the days are long. Schedule breaks into your agenda so you have time to recharge and this will also give you buffer room in the event of any unexpected encounters. Charge your device, bring a power bank with you, and pack snacks for that time in the afternoon you need some quick energy. The food trucks are great, but the lines are long, so try to plan a lunch break outside of the noon hour rush. An organized approach ensures you are always at the right place at the right time, ready to absorb and engage.

  1. Be deliberate: Create Meaningful Connections

Collision is an amazing place to build your network. It is important to be deliberate in your interactions as the quality of the connections matters far more than the quantity of them. Set clear objectives for what you want to achieve, whether it is gaining insights, meeting industry leaders, or establishing business relationships – and pursue these goals with intent.

Given that so many people come from outside Toronto, focus on those connections that you cannot make during the year and at home. Whether you’re from Calgary, Toronto or Singapore, try to focus your energies on meeting people you otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity to meet and even from different cities.

Have an elevator pitch prepared so that you can create meaningful exchanges in short periods of time. Don’t be afraid to make connections in lines or chatting with the person sitting next to you at a session. Everyone is here for the same reason so don’t feel awkward about turning to someone and introducing yourself. They will appreciate it!

  1. Follow Up: Embrace the Collision Energy

After the conference, it’s important to follow up with the connections you've made. Send emails or LinkedIn messages reconnecting with people and thanking them for their time. Reiterate any mutual interests or potential areas for future collaboration and engagement. 

Remember that networking is about creating mutually beneficial relationships that may not immediately result in business or personal opportunities. Embrace the process and enjoy it. You will find that networking during and after Collision will result in moments where you will find yourself laughing with new friends from around the globe, sparking creative ideas and creating memories that last a lifetime. Following up will lead to the most unexpected and rewarding of connections as you will be able to further connect with a smaller number of connection.

Collision is a phenomenal opportunity to expand your network and meet new people. By being organized, you can navigate the event effectively, by being deliberate, you transform encounters into valuable connections and by following up, you can make lasting professional connections. Of course, we want to connect with you. If you are attending Collision or any adjacent events, drop us a line! We would love to connect.




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