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The Love of Entrepreneurship: How Jeremy Gilman and Ramit Kar created Placeholder

It’s February and that means love is in the air. Entrepreneurship, much like love, is not just a one-day affair. It is all-consuming. It requires commitment, passion, creativity, and resilience. Much like falling in love, entrepreneurship triggers the release of dopamine in our brains, creating a sense of excitement and joy. Building a business can be akin to a love affair, where each milestone achieved and every challenge overcome intensifies the connection and commitment, similar to the deepening bond in a loving relationship. Both love and entrepreneurship are adventures of the heart and mind, driven by a powerful blend of emotion and ambition, each releasing that same exhilarating rush of dopamine that keeps one yearning for more.

Jeremy Gilman and Ramit Kar founded Placeholder almost 5 years ago and they continue to iterate and grow the business. We interviewed Jeremy to learn more about the Placeholder story and his experience with entrepreneurship. Here’s what we learned:

MT❯Ventures: What inspired you to start this particular startup? Can you share the story behind the inception and the specific problem or opportunity that motivated you to launch this venture?

In 2019, Ramit, my co-founder with prior experience at Uber, and I founded a company centered on office space to address the challenge of flexible office rentals. Our focus was on efficiently allocating empty office space, diverging from models like WeWork by establishing an Airbnb-style marketplace for office space. When COVID-19 impacted office demand, we strategically pivoted to warehouse space. This shift allowed us to leverage the growing global e-commerce adoption, positioning Placeholder as a pivotal logistics solution provider in the industry.

How did you and your co-founder initially align on the vision and mission for the startup, and how has this alignment evolved over time?

At Placeholder, our mission is to build a platform to better utilize space and make it easy to access for those who need it. Originating from a shared passion for innovative solutions, our initial emphasis on flexible real estate solutions evolved with a strategic pivot to warehouse space, aligning seamlessly with dynamic market demands. The ongoing exchange of communication, shared experiences, and a profound understanding of Placeholder's operational landscape has further fortified our alignment and commitment to our mission.

Looking ahead, what is your vision for the future of your startup? How do you see the company evolving, and what impact do you hope it will have in the broader context of the industry or society?

Our vision goes beyond being a B2B warehouse space marketplace. Foreseeing a prolonged slowdown in commercial real estate, we're strategically diversifying revenue streams through innovative SaaS solutions, leveraging our internal tools. This shift to a software-driven model extends our impact to optimize not just warehouse space but also broader logistics and supply chain management. Positioned to play a pivotal role, Placeholder aspires to advance global commercial real estate by enhancing efficiency and fostering collaboration.

What is the best part about having a co-founder during your startup journey?

Ramit's partnership has been instrumental in our startup journey, bringing shared responsibility, complementary skills, and essential emotional support. Together, we've weathered the unpredictable nature of entrepreneurship, benefiting from his distinct problem-solving perspective and equal dedication to success. Our partnership has empowered us to navigate challenges, celebrate victories, and sustain a crucial balance, fostering the growth and adaptability of Placeholder.



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