Mining in Latin America: An Overview of Mining Law in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and Peru

The article "Mining in Latin America: An Overview of Mining Law in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and Peru" by Frederico Marques and Etienne Ravilet Guzman (available here) offers an in depth analysis of the regulatory framework for investment and development of mineral exploration and mining projects in Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Peru. The goal is to provide stakeholders with a broad understanding of the suitability of these Latin American jurisdictions for mineral exploration and mining projects. It will also assist Canadian and international companies, as well as policy makers, to navigate contemporary challenges in the sector and at the same time identify common grounds and trends in the region. Each case study addresses foreign investments, mineral exploration and mining rights, main taxes, royalties, government incentives and environmental regulations.

The outcome is a comprehensive legal overview of mineral exploration and mining activities in these jurisdictions with practical insights to doing business in this increasingly international industry; as understanding and navigating these frameworks is essential to minimize risk, increase efficiency and attract capital.



Latin America Mining Law



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