First Phase of Water Sustainability Act Comes into Force

The following post by Selina Lee-Andersen and Monika Sawicka on our Canadian ERA Perspectives blog may be of interest to readers of this blog: First Phase of Water Sustainability Act Comes into Force.

The British Columbia Government has finally brought into effect portions of the long awaited Water Sustainability Act (WSA). The WSA, which was passed by the British Columbia Legislature in April 2014, came into effect on February 29, 2016. The WSA replaces many parts of the old Water Act and creates a new regulatory regime for water management within British Columbia.

The Province is taking a phased approach to the enactment of the WSA. While the majority of the WSA came into effect at the end of February, Part 18, which provides for quick licensing procedures, has yet to be brought into force. The Province predicts the next phase of the regulations and policies will be brought into effect in late 2016. This phase will include regulations relating to measuring and reporting, livestock watering, water objectives, planning and governance.

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