Québec Government Introduces its 2015-2020 Action Plan for Plan Nord

On April 8, 2015, Québec’s Premier Philippe Couillard introduced his 2015-2020 action plan for the implementation of the Plan Nord. The document entitled Plan Nord toward 2035 aims at setting out the updated policy directions and priority actions which will drive the economic development of northern Québec for the coming years and contribute to relaunching Plan Nord.

Of interest to our readers, we note that the Québec government established the following priority actions regarding energy:

  • Promote the use of forest biomass for the generation of energy in the mining industry and isolated communities and in cogeneration plants.
  • Draft the 2016-2025 Québec Energy Policy in cooperation with the concerned stakeholders.
  • Ensure a competitive electricity supply for mining development.
  • Ensure a competitive supply of natural gas in order to improve mine profitability, reduce GHG emissions, attract new investments and secure a supply of liquefied natural gas for the North.
  • Support the projects of off-grid communities and enterprises to replace fossil fuels with renewable energy sources for the generation of electricity.
  • Extend the existing transmission grid where possible and cost-effective.
  • Ensure a stable supply of hydrocarbons for municipalities in the Moyenne and Basse-Côte-Nord regions.

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