A New Energy Strategy for Québec in 2014

The Minister of Natural Resources of Québec, Martine Ouellet, announced on July 4, 2013 the creation of a new commission and the holding of public consultations with a view of developing Québec’s new energy strategy. Based on the results of the consultations to be held during the fall of 2013, the Québec Government intends to adopt a new energy strategy in 2014. The last energy strategy adopted by the Government in 2006 defined goals and action items applicable from 2006 to 2015, including the procurement of 4,000 MW of wind power generation during that period.

Among the objectives of this new energy strategy, the consultation document published by the Government mentions the development of renewable energy sources such as hydro and wind as well as emerging renewables (tidal power, solar, geothermic), and the responsible development of hydrocarbons. Also, electricity surpluses are to be used to support further industrial developments and the increase usage of electricity in transportation throughout the province.

The consultation document published by the Government is available here.

electricity surplus energy strategy Martine Ouellet public consultation



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