Mid-Year Results for Standing Offer Program Released

 On November 14, 2012, BC Hydro released its mid-year project activity results for its Standing Offer Program (SOP). The results, which are released every 6 months, highlight the developers and projects to whom BC Hydro has offered electricity purchase agreements (EPAs) and the applications BC Hydro is currently reviewing.

The BC government’s 2007 Energy Plan and 2010 Clean Energy Act required BC Hydro to create the SOP to facilitate the development of clean or renewable power or high efficiency cogeneration projects which have a maximum capacity of 15 megawatts. The Standing Offer Program Rules provide the eligibility requirements, energy prices, application and review process and interconnection rules under the program. On September 18, 2012, BC Hydro published updated versions of the rules as a result of administrative and policy changes when the program re-launched in January 2011.

BC Hydro cogeneration electricity purchase agreement EPA interconnection rules Standing Offer Program


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