Hydro-Québec’s first steps in the solar sector

Hydro-Québec announced it will build two solar pilot plants on the Montreal south shore in an attempt to familiarize itself with the solar sector. The 36,000 panels and 10MW capacity plants are expected to be commissioned next year. Investments could reach 40 million dollars. The project will be carried out by Hydro-Québec Production, the generation arm of Hydro-Québec.

Requests for proposals, including those for the supply of solar panels, are expected to be launched in March or April of this year. This announce is in line with the 2017-2020 Action Plan for the 2030 Québec Energy Policy, which provides that Hydro-Québec will develop an expertise on solar electricity centralised production through a pilot plant. Under the plan Hydro-Québec is also to assess the capacity of decentralized photovoltaic panels technology to improve the operation of the electric network.

The project plants should enable Hydro-Québec to make a stand on solar energy by 2022.

Hydro-Québec solar PV Pilot Project renewable energy



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