The Future of Wind Turbine O&M?

In this interesting publication by our friends at GL Garrad Hassan in this month’s Wind Power Monthly, senior policy consultant Oscar Fitch-Roy shares his views on the future of wind turbine operation and maintenance services in the United States. One can certainly assume that these U.S. trends may one day influence our own practices north of the border.

Here are four key take-aways from this article:

  • Expanding fleet of installed turbines = robust growth in revenue from services contracts
  • Turbine manufacturers have neglected the service market in the last decade, focusing on the equipment supply division of their businesses. Recent decrease in demand for turbines has motivated the turbine manufacturers to reappraise the value of O&M services as a steady source of revenue
  • Turbine manufacturers now face strong competition from experienced independent service providers and wind farm owners who have decided to take on their own O&M
  • The future of O&M will also be driven by how the wind farm owners respond to the following dilemma: fixing O&M costs over a long-term period and waive any benefit arising from improved O&M techniques (turbine manufacturer model), or adopt a riskier variable model allowing owners to share in savings if costs fall (do-it yourself or flexible ISP model)

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