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Emera’s Atlantic Link Proposal

In early January 2017, Halifax-based energy and services provider, Emera Inc., initiated a solicitation process to procure clean energy for bundling with transmission capacity on its proposed Atlantic Link transmission project. The Atlantic Link proposal would deliver up to 900 megawatts (MWs) of energy from a new converter station to be constructed at Coleston Cove, New Brunswick to a new converter station to be constructed at one of two proposed landing sites in Massachusetts. The energy would be transmitted through an approximately 563 kilometer under water high-voltage direct current electric transmission line. The combined generation and transmission proposal is being prepared in advance of an anticipated request for proposal to procure up to 1,200 MWs of hydro and/or wind energy expected to be released by the State of Massachusetts in the coming months.

 Source: CBC News

To meet U.S. regulatory requirements and provide certain assurance of fairness and transparency to proponents and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, Power Advisory LLC has been engaged as an independent administrator of the Emera’s energy solicitation process. According to the solicitation notice, bid proposals will be evaluated and ranked based on the following criteria: offered price for sale of energy, evaluated cost of energy to the Atlantic Link terminus in New Brunswick, cost to firm the energy offered, maximization of the utilization of the transmission capability of the Atlantic Link, firmness of energy, energy source and resource mix, the proponent’s capacity to deliver the energy offer, financial capability and relevant experience, the proponent’s plans for community engagement and environmental approval plan, and the likelihood of successful execution of an Indigenous People’s declaration and plan.

Emera has stated its intention that the proposed Atlantic Link would be in-service by the end of 2022. The anticipated costs to construct the transmission line and converter stations are pegged roughly at US$2 billion with up to an additional US$2 billion for energy generation. The deadline for Emera to receive proposals from qualified proponents is April 12, 2017. For more information, please visit:



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