54 Bids Totaling 6,627.5MW Submitted in Connection with Hydro-Québec Distribution’s 450MW Wind RFP

On November 6, 2014, Hydro-Québec Distribution (“HQD”) publicly opened the sealed bids received in response to its request for proposals launched on December 18, 2013, for the purchase of 450MW of wind power produced in Québec. The submission of bids, initially due for September 3, 2014, had been rescheduled to November 5, 2014 following certain delays in obtaining the approval of the Régie de l’énergie (Québec’s energy board) for the evaluation criteria of the RFP.

HQD announced having received 54 bids totaling 6 627,5MW. We note, however, that a certain portion of the submitted bids appears to be the same projects submitted more than once with different turbine suppliers.

We remind you that each submission is subject to a $0.09/kWh cap, which does not take into account transmission costs. Bidders have the discretion to choose between a 20 or 25 year term for each PPA. Of the 450MW, 100MW will have to be delivered by December 1, 2016 and the remaining 350MW by December 1, 2017.

HQD will review all submissions and announce successful bids as soon as possible.

The list of bids received can be found here.

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