2013 CAMPUT Conference

The 2013 CAMPUT Conference will be held next week in Niagara Falls, Ontario. This is Canada’s premier energy regulatory conference, bringing together all those who work in Canada’s energy regulatory space.

CAMPUT 2013, Serving the Public Interest: The Regulator’s Balancing Act, promises to be exciting. Speakers will include members of boards and commissions responsible for energy regulation across Canada, including the Chair of the Ontario Energy Board (the OEB) and other OEB members, as well as representatives of industry associations, academics and leading industry executives.

The sessions will consider a variety of topics such as the interaction between policy, politics and regulation, the green economy, how to deal with headline-grabbing energy issues, and what issues keep stakeholders and regulators up at night.

For those who are not familiar with CAMPUT, the acronym stands for Canadian Association of Members of Public Utility Tribunals. This name has now been updated to Canada’s Energy and Utility Regulators although the acronym remains unchanged. It is a non-profit organization of the federal, provincial and territorial boards and commissions that are responsible for the regulation of electric, water, gas and pipeline utilities in Canada.

To learn more about CAMPUT, please visit http://www.camput.org.

CAMPUT Canada’s Energy and Utility Regulators Canadian Association of Members of Public Utility Tribunals OEB Ontario Energy Board



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