British Columbia announces re-establishment of the Human Rights Commission

On August 4, 2017, Premier John Horgan announced the Government’s intent to re-establish a human rights commission. The British Columbia Human Rights Commission was dismantled about 15 years ago. Currently British Columbia has a direct access model allowing complaints to be brought directly to the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal.  In jurisdictions with commissions (in other provinces and federally) complaints must first proceed through an investigation process with a human rights commission.

According to the News Release issued by the Office of the Premier, the intent of the new human rights commission will be to act proactively to address systemic discrimination and inequality in British Columbia. The Government will commence a consultation process this fall, and legislation is expected to follow next year. If you would like to participate in the online or in-person consultation process, watch out for announcements on our blog or on the Government's News webpage.



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