Alberta’s Minimum Wage Increase

Effective October 1, 2018, minimum wage in Alberta increased.  Most employees are now entitled to $15.00 per hour (up from $13.60) – currently the highest in the country.  Alberta has been gradually increasing its hourly, weekly and monthly minimum wage standards since October 2016.


Certain employees are exempt from the minimum wage of $15.00 per hour and are instead entitled to minimum weekly or monthly amounts.


The following employees are now entitled to a weekly minimum wage of $598 (up from $542):


  • an individual who has attained the age of 16 years and who engages in a direct selling business within the meaning of the Direct Selling Business Licensing Regulation under the Fair Trading Act on behalf of the holder of a direct selling business licence established by that Regulation;
  • a salesperson, other than a route salesperson, remunerated in whole or in part by commission, who is engaged in soliciting orders, principally outside of the employer’s place of business, for goods or services that will subsequently be delivered or provided to the purchaser;
  • an automobile, truck, recreational vehicle or bus salesperson;
  • a manufactured home salesperson;
  • a farm machinery salesperson;
  • a heavy duty construction equipment or road construction equipment salesperson;
  • a residential home salesperson employed by a person who builds those homes;
  • a land agent licensed under the Land Agents Licensing Act; and
  • certain professionals, including architect, accountant (including candidate), chiropractor, dentist, engineer or other geoscientist (including member-in-training), lawyer (including student-at-law), optometrist, podiatrist, psychologist, veterinarian, agrologist (including agrologist-in-training), denturist and information systems professional, so long as that person is carrying on the occupation governed by the applicable legislation.


Employees employed in domestic work and living in their employer’s residence are now entitled to a monthly minimum wage of $2,848 (up from $2,582).


Finally, it is important to note that the following employees are exempt from hourly, weekly and monthly minimum wage standards:


  • a person authorized to trade in real estate as a real estate broker under the Real Estate Act;
  • a person who is employed by a dealer or adviser as defined in the Securities Act as a representative for the purposes of making trades in securities or derivatives for the benefit of that dealer or adviser;
  • an individual holding an insurance agent’s certificate of authority under section 454 or 470 of the Insurance Act who is compensated for activities performed under that certificate entirely by way of commission income;
  • a student engaged in a formal course of training approved by the Director, in an off-campus education program provided under the School Act, or in a work experience program approved by the Minister of Advanced Education;
  • an extra in a film or video production; and
  • a counsellor or instructor at an educational or recreational camp that is operated on a charitable or not‑for‑profit basis for children or handicapped individuals, or for religious purposes.

Please contact a member of our Labour and Employment Group if you would like more information about any minimum wage increases affecting your workplace.


$15 minimum wage Employment Standards



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