Must-Have New Text on Quebec Class Actions

Class Actions in Quebec: Notes for Non-Residents, written by McCarthy Tétrault counsel and noted class actions author Shaun Finn, is an accessible, easy-to-read book that explains to business people, in-house counsel and non-specialists how class actions work in Canada's second-largest province and legal market.

Because defendants from across North America and the world are brought before the courts of Quebec in the context of class proceedings, it is vital that they understand the rules of the game. These rules, which differ from those of every other jurisdiction, are key to making sensible strategic decisions from the outset.

With its civilian legal tradition, linguistic specificity and codified procedural scheme, Quebec constitutes a unique challenge to non-residents. This book is designed to cast light on the province's unique class action landscape. 

Shaun is counsel in McCarthy Tétrault’s litigation group in Montréal. His general civil practice includes commercial litigation and class actions. Shaun has represented corporate and institutional defendants in the areas of product liability, mass torts, consumer protection, privacy and securities. He has written a French-language book on class action, Recours singulier et collectif: Redéfinir le recours collectif comme procédure particulière, published by Éditions Yvons Blais, and is a contributing author for Defending Class Actions in Canada (2nd and 3rd ed.). Shaun has also given numerous conferences and lectures on class actions, in English and French, and published legal articles in noteworthy publications such as the Canadian Bar Review, the Canadian Class Action Review, the Revue générale de droit, Développements récents, the Class Action Defence Quarterly, and La Référence.

Class Actions in Quebec: Notes for Non-Residents is published by Carswell, a Thomson Reuters company, and can be purchased at



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